Best IT company I’ve ever worked with!

I have used AIM services for more than 15 years. They are excellent and help me run my busy pediatric practice. The IT support has been outstanding, and they are always available even after hours to help me resolve any problems that I have with my computers or network. They are straight forward in any charges that are due for their services. They also have very fair prices, and they are available 24 hours a day and have a very short turn around time in answering my questions. Having been a pediatrician and pediatric oncologist for 45 years both in government service and in private practice, AIM Services is the best IT company I've ever worked with! They have provided me very safe and secure HIPAA compliant medical records. I would rate them highly compared to other IT services I have used. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is exploring which IT service they will need for their practice. I have absolutely no complaints!

Terry Pick, MD Pediatric Care

AIM exceeds expectations with excellent customer service and support!

We've been satisfied AIM Services customers for over 15 years. No matter where we are in the evolution of our office technology needs, AIM Services takes a personal approach to make sure we have the best solution within our budget and exceeds our expectations with excellent customer service and IT support. The broad competence of AIM Services representatives on the range of issues we deal with as a small psychiatric office has been the single biggest benefit of working with them. They always insure rapid and friendly resolution of our IT issues to minimize our staff's interruption in workflow.

Teri Leach Practice Manager

AIM is like an extension of our staff!

AIM Services goes above and beyond any other IT services we’ve had in the past. It feels like they’re more like an extension of our staff than support. Over the past 7 years, they have pushed us to learn advanced technologies with their programs, and they’re always willing to guide us in understanding the program. They keep current with any necessary updates, which means they keep up with the “modern or high technology demands.” It’s also very easy to communicate with AIM specialists whenever we encounter problems, and any issues we have always get resolved in a timely manner. AIM Services is the best!

Aimee Arceo Billing Department
Robert L. Bard, MD, PC

I wish I had more time in my day to learn from AIM Services!

AIM provides immediate IT assistance with our software so we are never left without critical patient data. Being experts on our software, they were able to teach us how to use it more effectively. Their knowledge of our software program’s abilities and limitations is superb! I only wish I had more time in my day to spend learning from them. I am confident AIM could teach me much more, and make my practice even more efficient!

Jacqueline Crighton Co-Founder/President
Health Renew MD, Inc.

Team players that help bring decisions to life!

As the CEO, my job is to create strategy. I need to pick business partners that are willing and can participate in strategy creation and that can execute really well on bringing that strategy to life with my team. With AIM, I can pick up the phone knowing they are ready to contribute meaningfully and can help bring decisions to life. They have the knowledge and know how to get IT things done and done well! If you aren’t ready to go all in, start with a pilot project. You’ll never know, till you start somewhere!

Tayyab Yunus CEO
Intuitive Solutions

In twelve years I haven’t had a single bad experience!

The biggest benefit has been the technical support we get from AIM Services. Everybody is very well trained and has helped us every time. The IT department has been very important because they can fix anything from afar. AIM Services is a great company because they are always there for you! In twelve years I haven’t had a single bad experience.

Sylvia Casas Office Manager
Carlos N. Casas MDPA

Real live support agents!

There are several benefits to working with AIM Services. From support needed for daily operations to billing needs, AIM is very helpful. The remote support has been a great way to dig into problems and solve any issues. Being able to reach a live person most of the time is crucial! AIM is able to resolve most all of the complexities of our software.

Dr. Manish Suthar